Feng Shui



All of our programs are designed to bring the most beneficial support for the changes You have chosen to bring forth in Your life. Your house and your Self are unique and no general self-help Feng Shui book can provide a personal and accurate analysis and produce the results You are looking for. The implementation of harmonious elements in the living or working space empowers the life we intend to have.

The practice of Feng Shui goes back to thousands of years ago in ancient China. Cities, palaces and Empires were built according to the laws of Nature to bring health, harmony, abundance and prosperity.

 Schedule a free one-on-one private consultation to determine the areas of your life you intend to improve or change. Provide me with an exact to scale floor plan of your dwelling and let me do the rest.

Feng Shui in your house means:

  • Improved relationships with family members and/or partner
  • A healthy environment for you, your family
  • A study of the land and assessment of  Electro-magnetic infractions which affect your health and over time leads to illness
  •  Analysis of Your floor plan to see if there are infractions on Ch’i circulating through your house)
  • A calmer environment for kids and better sleep for the whole family
  • Improved finances
  • Finding your career path, life’s journey or improve your current professional situation.
  • Harmonious support for your intentions to come to life.

Feng Shui for your business means:

  • Increased visibility and network of clients
  • Better financial situation
  • Better employee relations
  • Clarify Company’s vision and mission
  • Improved reputation and fame
  • Success

Real Estate: Re-Staging

I will provide you with a complete Feng Shui report and spend time with you reviewing the suggestions made for your space. Call now to inquire about prices and to schedule an appointment. As long as you provide me with a floor plan and a compass reading, I can provide long-distance Feng Shui, even if your house or business is located on the other side of the country or the world for that matter.

 Space Clearing, Staging for real estate and quick sale and decluttering are available upon request.

 One of our latest projects: Feng Shui transformation of Bikram Yoga Westfield on a budget: