“I can say with absolute certainty that I am thriving and growing since I met Sabrina. The Feng Shui process was amazing. The changes that have occurred in my life have been very obvious. I have taken Sabrina’s recommendations very seriously and have implemented them as I can. My home feels more conducive to productivity, love and family harmony. The apartment looks and feels fresh, open, and very attractive. I have said many times to my friends that Sabrina’s Feng Shui consultations were a real catalyst for change that I believe has contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth.  For example, before I met Sabrina, I was in a difficult work relationship. After 6 yrs and after beginning the Feng Shui changes in my home, I received a job offer for 20K more, in a healthier environment!  I believe that in order to receive you must be willing to give. Living with Sabrina’s Feng Shui recommendations has helped me have more influence over the events of my life. Just getting the changes started have made things feel better, and I am happier. My thanks to Sabrina for that!”

Christine J. Salaycik

“I received Reiki treatment from Sabrina Mizerek when I was recovering from major shoulder surgery. At the time I was in pain and exhausted from sleep deprivation due to post operative discomfort. I was immediately struck by her listening skills and empathy and found it so easy to trust her care. As she began the treatment I closed my eyes and focused on absorbing the positive energy and before long I was engulfed by a peaceful stress free feeling. Creating a comfortable hypnotic state she sensed that I was finally getting some relief and let me just enjoy the moment. This Reiki treatment relieved my stress level immensely and put me in a positive state of mind for my subsequent healing journey and physical therapy”. -Ellen Azevedo

“Ensconced in a Yoga teacher training program, I found myself with reoccurring injuries. Being familiar with energy, as not only a Yogi, but Feng Shui Master, I decided to give Reiki a try. After receiving just one treatment by Sabrina my problematic points were healed. Her professional demeanor and healing hands are to be commended”. In gratitude, Mary Jane Kasliner, AAS, BS, ACFSI, RYT

I am so impressed by the healing power of Reiki that Sabrina is a channel for! I am a high achiever who loves to exercise…Long story short I over did by taking two workout classes back-to-back and ended up hurting my knee. It was getting so swollen that I was no longer able to bend it. Now, I am not sure about you but I am not a person who deals well with pain. So when I shared with Sabrina what had happened, she promptly gifted me with a Reiki healing session.  It was amazing! Within 2 short days the pain and swelling were gone and I was back at the gym by the end of the week! Love it! And the gifts didn’t stop there. I was so impressed by the results I got with my Reiki session that I hired Sabrina to Feng Shui my office. I currently work from home and when I hired Sabrina I was working from my kitchen, bedroom, patio and living room.  No wonder I couldn’t get anything done. It was hard to focus on my work, be creative, and essentially make money.  After she came over, she gave me specific advice and guidance on the changes necessary to create an environment that match my business intentions. Shortly after the changes, I noticed that the energy in my office was lighter, making it possible and easier for me to focus, create, and expand my business. Help and support as well as opportunities now start showing up.  It is much less stressful, clients and cash flow also increased with less effort. I now enjoy working in one place where my ideas, productivity and profit just flourish. “Simone Mitjans Creator of “Business Within Success System™”For purpose- driven women entrepreneur who want more visibility, more clients and more profit from their business while working less.Phone: 732/388-0584

Dear Sabrina,    With Thanksgiving only a few days away, there is no better time than now to thank you for all you have done for me. When I first came to you, I knew a little bit about Reiki from reading a book. I tried to convince a friend. She didn’t want to read the book, her mind was made up, but I read it. I also remember Dr. Gary Null talking about Reiki years ago. Then my daughter gave me a gift certificate for some treatments with you. . This changed my life.  I was surprised how you found my weak spots without being told. During the first four sessions you pinpointed four different areas and I could feel how these points felt better after you left you hands on these areas for a prolonged time. I had the feeling at the end of the sessions that the blood supply circulated without interruption. Not only did these treatments made me feel better, they also gave me more energy. I would recommend Reiki anytime. Again, thank you! Sincerely, Gisela Ristau

I would recommend Sabrina to anyone interested in Reiki or Feng Shui.  She has been very intuitive in her Reiki sessions with both myself and my husband.  We’ve both come away from our sessions with new insights into what’s going on with our own bodies and have been comforted to know that we’ve benefited from the healing that Sabrina has provided for us.  She’s also educated us on Feng Shui and inspired us to complete unfinished decorating projects in our home.  Consequently we feel we’re living in a much homier home and balanced space.” Kim Rogus, Scotch Plains, NJ